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Private Label Service

A brand for Private Label: We offer branding services for products ordered from our company. We can brand your products with your private label or brand name to give your business great brand exposure. With branded products or private label, you can easily advertise your brand name and contact information. This allows your customers to contact you and talk about their experience with your brand and products. Private labeling also helps to boost the professional image of your company as well. Additionally, it increases your brand visibility and it can save a lot of time and money. You don’t have to worry about the delays that are associated with suppliers and wholesalers. You can have your product delivered by a company that you know and trust. Ordering your product from DHpromax helps you to combine cost savings with cost benefits and trusted quality. At DHpromax, we manufacture private label products that are designed specifically for a business and target specific demographics that you are trying to reach. This is what distinguishes a brand from the rest. 

Benefits of Private Label: There are many opportunities associated with private label products. Whether you are interested in starting a line of skincare products, a furniture brand, sporting products, or clothing brands, private labels allow you to offer customized products to your clients with the flexibility to set your prices. The ability to protect your margins while also increasing sales and profits is one of the many benefits of investing in private label. Some other benefits that come with the private label include:

  • Saves time, money, and energy
  • Gain credibility and loyalty from consumers
  • Offer lower costs with higher margins
  • Enhances your brand image and expand your product range
  • Ability to tailor labels and packaging to meet your specifications
  • Opportunity to grow your business over time
  • Perception of competence and professionalism
  • Ability to make highly customizable formulations
  • Expand your product line

What Product can we Make?

DHpromax is a private label product manufacturer. As a contract custom manufacturer, we can manufacture practically everything that our clients order. With the expertise of our experienced in-house Research and Development team, we provide everything from the round-up, from the formula to the packaging. 

Dynamic Strategy: Using dynamic process management, we translate our clients’ ideas into innovative, commercial products. From the creation of the product attributes to individual packaging designs, our product developers are guided by the client’s specifications. With each project phase, you will benefit greatly from our excellent structures, exceptional innovative strength, and high-quality standards. 

Packaging: We believe that the product is not the only significant factor for success. The packaging is also essential. Good packaging does not only protect the product, it is also functional, especially if it has a user-friendly design. From the design to the production of packaging, filling, and legally binding declaration, we have the expertise to sort everything out. We will be happy to support you in this area, whether fully serviced or modularly.

Quality Control: When it comes to quality and responsibility towards our customers, we pride ourselves on the continuous development and safeguarding of our quality management. This is a key success factor for us at DHpromax. Our products come with quality standard certification. We supply high-quality products and services to leading retail companies and consumer goods industries across the world. This is a testament to the top quality of the products that we manufacture in our company.

Private Logo and Printing: For over a decade, we have been branding products for our esteemed clients. Our years of experience make us a leader and an authority in this industry. We know how best to private label your product. Depending on the product and your request, we can print or affix your label or brand name on the product in different ways. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. However, we give attention to details and creatively display your label in such a way that it will catch the attention of your target audience. We know that certain print types are not suitable for some products. Therefore, we use only a branding style that will be perfect for your product. Some labeling methods that we employ in branding our clients’ products include Embossing, Engraving, Debossing, Silkscreen print, Laser, Hot Stamping, Heat-Transfer Printing, Sublimation Printing, Embroidery, IMD print, Inkjet Printing, Carving, and Water transfer printing.

Types of Private Label Packaging

There are different types of private label packaging and we can provide ANY option that you want. We can also brand and customize your brand name or logo on the packaging design. Some of the various packaging and what they are used for are as follow:

  • White Cardboard Boxed and Corrugated Paper Boxes: these are commonly used for packaging. The white cardboard box is suitable for light and delicate products, such as chargers and flash drives while the corrugated paper boxes are a great choice for packing heavier products. 
  • Lid and Base Boxes: these are also popular packaging boxes and are suitable for packaging upscale products. Electronic products are usually packaged in lid and base boxes. Nicer packaging always increases the value of your product and makes consumers willing to spend more money on the product. If you want to make your packaging box more luxurious, you can choose some good-looking materials inserts, such as silk fabric. We are always at your service to provide any type of packaging you want. The cost of your special product packaging will be included in the product quote.
  • Cloth Bag: This type of packaging comes in a polyester bag and flannelette bag. They are light and flexible in the packaging space. Cloth bags are usually used for packaging digital accessories and jewelry, among others.
  • Cylindrical Paper Tube: this is a good packaging choice if you want to protect your products. They are especially suitable for products like a pencil, tea, and other strip-shaped products.
  • And many other options, we can customize to your need always

Internal Product Packaging: We can also provide special customized packaging for products, such as bubble wrap, poly bagging, and foam protection to give extra value to the product. This will be at an extra cost and it will be included in your product quote. When sending your quote request, remember to provide the details of everything you want so that it can be appropriately quoted.