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Shipping and Warehousing

Dhpromax offers Worldwide Delivery.

We deliver to every part of the world, excluding the moon, and we ship to different locations using different delivery methods. We have partnered with DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT and we ship through Air Express. We DO NOT use post service for air shipment. However, we ship through the sea using a pallet and full container (LCL/FCL). We also offer direct doorstep delivery for the Sea Shipping option. Please note that this delivery method of shipping by sea and delivering directly to the doorsteps by DHL, FedEx, or UPS is limited to selected countries. All custom fees for the shipping and delivery will be paid from China, which means you will pay nothing on delivery. We also offer direct delivery to your seaports, which is the most popular with our customers. 

We also ship orders using trucks and trains to selected countries in Europe. Where a shipment is done through a truck or train from China, we offer direct doorstep delivery. Please note that courier costs are always calculated based on the tiered-basis, that is, the higher the weight and volume of the shipment, the lower the cost per kg/lb.

Free China Delivery or Pick Up: We also offer the option of pickup from our head office warehouse. This means you can pick up your order from our head office warehouse at no charges. We also offer free delivery to any location in China. This is the best option for customers that have their local agent here in China or want to combine their orders with another on-going order with another factory. If you want to use this option of shipping and delivery, you will only pay for product cost, (excluding export fees) and we will deliver your order directly to your agent or another supplier here in China.

Partnership with Top Shipping Companies: DHpromax has partnered with all major international courier companies, such as UPS, DHL, and TNT to offer courier services at highly competitive rates.

Amazon FBA Shipping: We also offer direct shipments to any Amazon FBA Warehouse in the US, UK, and many other countries where Amazon operates.

Product Distribution: At the request of the customer, we can also help distribute your shipment in different quantities to different countries. For example, if you order Product A of 3000pc and want to ship 1000pc to the USA, 1000pc to Canada, and 1000pc to the UK, we can do the shipping to these countries at no extra cost to you.

Product Warehousing: We also provide free product warehousing for our customers’ orders. We can warehouse your products for free at our large storage location here in China, all or free. We offer up to 6 months of warehousing capacity at no cost to you. 

Update and Notification: We regularly provide email notifications on shipments and you can easily track your shipment as the status changes. With this, you are always aware of the location of your shipment per time.